What We Offer

  • A fully managed workforce with experience labeling 2-D and 3-D images and video data.
  • Expertise in processing unstructured data by web scraping, validating, enriching, and geo-coding.
  • Skill with all major image annotation tools—and the ability to quickly learn your in-house tools.

Scaling a platform business by outsourcing data work

Data enrichment and validation

Bizly’s platform helps teams find the perfect event venues with a minimum number of phone calls. The company also provides resources for managing events, building and managing guest lists, and measuring event impact.

CloudFactory’s managed workforce played a key role in building Bizly’s platform database by enriching and validating key data fields for hotels and other event venues.

  • 9x growth in Bizly’s platform library
  • 12,000 venues enriched in six months

Read the Bizly client story.


Improving retail automation with human validation

Data validation

This retail intelligence company collects and analyzes online and in-store price data to drive business value for brands and retailers. The company’s product combines data science and human validation to offer solutions for the retail industry.

CloudFactory’s data analysts verify software outputs against real-world data and validate store images taken by secret shoppers to enhance automation.

  • More than 97% accuracy, exceeding target
  • 48-hour turnaround time requirement
Improving retail automation with human validation

The CloudFactory team quickly caught on to what we were doing. They understood the eccentricities of the work, asked the right questions, and acted very quickly on any feedback we had.

Gus Goldsack

Product Manager


CloudFactory has been a reliable and robust partner for us as we scale our business. Their efforts have enabled us to quickly provide insights to our customers that wouldn't be possible without their help.

Matt Talbot



How CloudFactory Works For You

Ready to Scale

Ready to Scale

With more than 7,000 active data analysts and thousands more on standby, we’re ready to scale with seasonality and as your business grows.

Expert Annotators

Expert Annotators

Our analysts have an average tenure of two years and partake in upwards of 30,000 hours of professional development and training each year.

Retail Industry Experience

Retail Industry Experience

We’ve worked with more than 80 retail clients on data processing and computer vision data labeling to accelerate automation and AI programs.

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