Managed Workforce Strategy

Vetted for skill and character, our professionally-managed workforce receives the growth and training opportunities that naturally result in high-quality work.

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We deliver the work of an in-house team without the burdens of managing one

For over a decade, we have helped organizations do more with data by providing a highly scalable, managed workforce. Today, we are a global leader in providing managed workforce solutions for machine learning and business process optimization.

  • We screen our data analysts for character, skill, tech savvy, and cultural awareness. Each data analyst joins a small team, where their strengths are known and valued by leaders. We have a unique management approach.
  • We give you a dedicated project manager, who leads your analyst team, serves as your day-to-day contact, and optimizes your team’s outputs.
  • We also provide a client success manager, who advocates for you, tracks outcomes to ensure target metrics are achieved, and can troubleshoot as needed.

Learn about our approach to ensuring your long-term success.


CloudFactory has people who care

When asked what set us apart, one client said, “CloudFactory has people who care.” Our data analyst teams are known for high-quality work, and they enjoy working with the data that trains and powers the world’s most innovative technology.

This reputation, and our clients’ results, don’t come by accident. We take a purposeful approach in recruiting, training, and growing our teams. Data analysts get regular opportunities for professional development, leadership, and community service. These investments result in worker accountability, engagement, and a bias toward action - all of which contribute to better outcomes for your organization.

Skill and Character

Leave your project in good hands. CloudFactory selects each data analyst for your team based on a comprehensive, multi-level assessment. You can be confident that your data is being handled by individuals who are skilled and known.



Our data analysts view themselves as an extension of your team. Our unique, flexible delivery model has built-in monitoring and focus techniques to support individual accountability, and we follow up on lower performance with retraining. High performers have opportunities to advance, which we have found contributes to higher quality work.


Context and Instruction

Reduce lead time and time to market. Prior to each project, your dedicated project manager delivers comprehensive in-person and virtual training to introduce the data analysts to task instructions, cultural context, and big-picture impact.



Growth Opportunities

CloudFactory provides every data analyst with leadership opportunities, enrichment programs, and bonuses for excellent work. High performers are given the opportunity to advance within the organization, should they choose it. These practices improve worker engagement and retention, allowing us to provide high-quality work over the long term for our clients.



CloudFactory's People Who Care


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What Our Clients Have To Say


The CloudFactory team quickly caught on to what we were doing. They understood the eccentricities of the work and asked the right questions and acted very quickly on any feedback we had.


Gus Goldsack

Product Manager


Managed Workforce Helps Legal AI

Heretik wanted to make legal contract review less tedious so they created an AI-fueled solution. Learn how CloudFactory helped bring their software to life.

Luminar Takes AV to Safer Distances

CloudFactory helped Luminar launch a product that dramatically increases autonomous vehicle perception.

Ibotta improves UX using high volume transcription

Ibotta finds the people and technology to scale a data-verification process during the busiest retail season of the year.

Our Managed Workforce Services

Our workforce delivers high accuracy, can iterate processes in real time, and can establish the domain knowledge required to resolve even the toughest edge cases. 

Computer Vision Services

Computer Vision Services

Scale image and video annotation with pixel-level accuracy by trained and professionally-managed data annotators.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Services

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Services

Scale text and audio annotation with a team skilled at understanding and interpreting complex, nuanced language.

Data Processing Services

Data Processing Services

Optimize your business operations with a flexible, managed workforce for data processing and other back-office tasks.

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A Day in the Life of a Team Lead

Meet Mercy Mandela, a Delivery Team Lead that helps ensure that we deliver quality data labeling to CloudFactory clients across the globe. 

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