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We’ve perfected the art of the start for your data project

Everyone loves a plan, and there is nothing like a proven, efficient process. Relying on anything less from your data processing partner increases the risk of wasting a lot of time, money, and the chance of failure… or all three.

But process shouldn’t equal rigidity. Your needs are unique, so we carefully craft a scalable approach for your project, without sacrificing the quality and accuracy you need so you can deliver on your business goals.

We’ve perfected the art of the start for your data project
  • Context matters: Unlike crowdsourced solutions, rigid outsourcing companies, or faceless platform APIs, we work with you to understand the backdrop of your business and the nuances of your project.
  • Experience counts: Based on hundreds of client engagements, our structured onboarding and launch methodology enables faster time to value.
  • Technology enables: Our proprietary workforce management platform provides real-time productivity tracking, collaboration tools, and quality control checks to ensure we meet your project objectives.

Learn about our workforce strategy and how we assemble the right team for you.


Proven methodology ensures your long-term success

Based on years of experience rapidly building and acclimating teams, CloudFactory believes a structured project launch is vital to the long-term success of any project. From the beginning, we carefully select data analysts whose skills best align to your business requirements and deliver a bespoke training program for your team, resulting in faster time to value.


We’re working for you before you become a client. As part of the proposal process, we perform a thorough and complimentary expert analysis of your project requirements and deliver a robust playbook with task feedback, QA workflow recommendations, and ideal workforce skills. The goal is to ensure mutual agreement on the project scope and cost. And if we’re not the right fit for the use case, we’ll tell you.


This is a critical step in kicking off your project. We hand-choose a cross-functional team of highly-skilled data analysts. Then, using agile methods, we prototype your tasks and design a custom training program to onboard additional data analysts quickly.  This is where we “nail it before we scale it” and lay the foundation for long-term efficiency, productivity, and high-quality work.


Next, we assemble your dedicated team of data analysts who are skilled and suited for your project. We train them using the program developed during the Seed stage, engaging the team in a combination of real-time instruction and coursework to ensure understanding. Training topics include tooling and task guidelines and initial requirements for accuracy and throughput. Context matters, so we ensure analysts understand your business objectives and how their work impacts the overall success of your project.


At this stage, your team is processing new data, using their experience working on similar projects to look for additional opportunities to optimize your process. Initially, we focus on precision, and once proficiency and high-quality work are demonstrated, we move to increasing throughput. A dedicated project manager continues to coach and manage your analyst team during this process, keeping you apprised of progress through a continuous feedback loop.


CloudFactory makes it easy to scale your project as needed. To add more capacity, just let us know what your scaling needs are and your Client Success Manager will facilitate a process change. Our subscription model enables you to unlock more savings as your work volume increases.

Workforce Management Platform

Our proprietary platform is an integral part of every engagement, reducing the friction of working with an external team and providing visibility at every step of the process. Our technology powers your project with enhanced team workspaces, real-time quality visualization, and seamless collaboration tools.

Secured Access

Our custom browser provides a unified workspace for your project team. This secure environment tracks each worker’s location and activity so you always know who is accessing your data and where it is being accessed.


Capacity Control

You get full visibility into project coverage by the hour, day, and week. We carefully manage workforce capacity so you have the confidence and peace of mind that your data analysts are there for you when you need them.


Performance Reporting

Our platform predicts worker productivity and identifies areas for improvement, so we can analyze and manage each worker’s performance. We’ll work with you to integrate any tool with our platform to capture key performance analytics.


Team Collaboration

Effective communication fosters productive and engaged teams as well as great results. Dedicated messaging channels and collaboration tools make it easy to chat, send documents, and provide feedback to your team.


The upfront training coupled with CloudFactory’s online tool suite was super helpful and something no other provider could offer. The critical piece for us was good communication and these helped us to get through the switching cycle with greater risk reduction and direct insight and control into immediate results.

Scott Ryvola

Director of Engineering


I have a partner that I can go to for scaling up my labeling efforts. I can churn out new models because I can get the data prepared quickly.

Srivatsan Laxman

Founder and CEO, True Lark


The CloudFactory team quickly caught on to what we were doing. They understood the eccentricities of the work and asked the right questions and acted very quickly on any feedback we had.

Gus Goldsack

Product Manager


Our Managed Workforce Services

Our workforce delivers high accuracy, can iterate processes in real time, and can establish the domain knowledge required to resolve even the toughest edge cases. 

Computer Vision Services

Computer Vision Services

Scale image and video annotation with pixel-level accuracy by trained and professionally-managed data annotators.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Services

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Services

Scale text and audio annotation with a team skilled at understanding and interpreting complex, nuanced language.

Data Processing Services

Data Processing Services

Optimize your business operations with a flexible, managed workforce for data processing and other back-office tasks.

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