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Hummingbird Technologies is a crop analytics company focused on helping farmers increase their yields, use the optimal amount of inputs, and farm more sustainably. The CloudFactory team annotates where crops are in drone images so that a model can be trained to identify where crops and weeds are in fields.

  • Annotation of remote sensing captured imagery from both drones and satellites
  • Large drone based images are annotated by multiple data analysts with up to 2,000 annotations per image
  • CloudFactory team performs annotations on multiple crops with different growing seasons in different parts of the world

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One of our key challenges was tagging all the data we captured and making sense of all it so we could build our models. As mentioned previously, it is highly domain specific knowledge. We had been doing the work in-house but it is very, very time-consuming. The question was how could we teach annotators how to do this without them being agronomists. What we discovered is that you need to iterate and have a continuous exchange of communication, which is something we can do with the CloudFactory team.

Francois Lemarchand

Senior Data Scientist


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