Data Engineering, Preparation, and Labeling for AI 2019

Getting Data Ready for Use in AI and Machine Learning Projects

Data Engineering, Preparation, and Labeling for AI 2019

AI Developers are in a “Race to Usable Data”

The big challenge for organizations looking to make use of advanced machine learning is getting access to large volumes of clean, accurate, complete, and well-labeled data to train ML models. More advanced forms of ML like deep learning neural networks require especially large volumes of data to create accurate models.

In this 2019 report, AI analyst firm Cognilytica shares valuable insight to help you get to market quickly with data and vendors that you can trust.

In this report you will learn:

  • How to optimize and accelerate the data preparation that takes up almost 80% of AI project time
  • Important factors to consider when choosing third-party data labeling vendors and data providers
  • What solutions and hiring needs to expect from the machine learning and AI data preparation market in the next few years

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