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Our Data Annotation Solution reduces complexity and gives you a faster path to high-quality data labeling by bundling a professionally managed workforce with a best-in-class data annotation platform for a single, inclusive monthly price. It’s an annotation service that’s flexible and consumable, managed end-to-end, and can handle nearly any CV use case.

Accelerate your time to value with our Data Annotation Solution:

  • Scales fast with our trained, experienced, and managed team of data analysts, who are ready to start annotating your data now.
  • Removes the expense and hassle of directly managing an annotation workforce and a complicated tech stack.
  • Streamlines purchasing by integrating the software and workforce into a single, monthly subscription service that can quickly scale with your needs.

Turnkey data annotation for computer vision

All of the software and the workforce you need to outsource quality data annotation at scale, so you can focus on innovating.

Comprehensive Annotation Platform

We deliver pixel-level accuracy at scale, with classification, detection, segmentation, and keypoint annotation tools that enable fast and accurate data labeling for any computer vision use case. You get the flexibility to design your ontology and instructions, tailored for your use case.

Comprehensive Annotation Tools

Automated, AI-powered Labeling

AI-powered features and automation help speed the labeling process and can pre-label data for verification, significantly boosting the productivity of the annotation team. 

When paired with our hourly pricing model, you financially benefit as our team becomes more productive and efficient.

Automated, AI-powered Labeling

Powerful Data Management

Our flexible data set and directory structure for organizing, searching, and filtering your data optimizes your project workflows and makes efficient use of time.

We create a unique data label ontology for your project to ensure consistency across your data sets, directing which tools, labels, and attributes are used by our annotators.

You also have the option to secure your data with cloud storage providers such as AWS S3 and Google Cloud, enabling query and annotation without uploading your data to the labeling tool.

Powerful Data Management

Enterprise-grade Data Operations

Our processes and tooling keep your data private and secure with custom authentication, role permission enforcement, and full data encryption. We’re equipped for high performance and high uptime for sustained, large volume data labeling projects.

Enterprise-grade Data Operations

Efficient Workflow Management

Our processes and technology are optimized to reduce project management overhead. This efficient task assignment and routing results in faster annotations and cost savings for you. Plus, we can route edge cases to members of your internal team so you can ensure our annotators are delivering on quality and accuracy.

Efficient Workflow Management

Professionally Managed Workforce

Each of our data analysts are vetted for skill and character, pre-trained on our data annotation platform, and receive ongoing skills and use case training. Dedicated project management and client success teams keep you connected to your work, without the day-to-day hassle of managing a team. Our service delivery platform gives you real-time visibility into the work and performance of the team.

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Professionally Managed Workforce

We have the experience and expertise to scale your image and video annotation


Content Moderation


Pose Detection


Model Comparison


Similarity Analysis


Action Detection


Sensor Fusion


Gaze Tracking


Multi Classification


Video Tracking


Livestock Monitoring


Medical Imaging


Video Transcription





What Our Clients Have To Say

CloudFactory stands out among data labeling companies.
Joe Morrison
Joe Morrison
Imagery Analysis
Farming for the Future
Agriculture | Image Annotation

Farming for the Future

Learn how CloudFactory helped Hummingbird Technologies develop crop analytics for farmers around the world.

Luminar Takes AV to Safer Distances
Autonomous Systems | 3D Lidar Annotation

Luminar Takes AV to Safer Distances

CloudFactory helped Luminar launch a product that dramatically increases autonomous vehicle perception.

Improving AI Model Results and Accuracy
Business Intelligence | Image Annotation

Improving AI Model Results and Accuracy

Sensor-as-a-service start-up finally finds an annotation solution that can help them expand.

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Computer Vision Use Cases

Autonomous Vehicles

The autonomous vehicle market continues to grow. From self-driving cars to delivery drones, AI companies are finding ways to make this method of transportation safe and reliable.

Medical Diagnostics

AI is transforming healthcare by alerting healthcare professionals to patient risks, helping them diagnose conditions earlier and begin treatments faster.

Robotic Automation

The combination of AI and robotics can improve outcomes in a variety of industries, including healthcare, agriculture, and manufacturing.

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