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Re-inventing how enterprises capture value from content.

CloudFactory’s API-driven workflows combine just the right mix of technology and people to hyper-efficiently digitize, extract and capture valuable data from volumes of content (audio, video, photos, images, text and documents).
Explore these solutions to learn how CloudFactory can change the way you get work done:
  • Cutting Costs In The Clouds

    As it is for most companies dealing with high volume of semi-structured documents like receipts, invoices, forms, etc -- capturing and extracting accurate data from these semi-structured documents in the most cost-efficient and scalable manner is an ongoing challenge. Learn how we helped a leading expense management firm double their capacity and increase accuracy resulting in improved customer experience and operational agility.

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  • Balancing Speed and Accuracy With EMR Conversions

    CloudFactory's scalable workforce and cloud work platform gave SureHire, experts in occupational testing services, what they needed to grow their business and remain competive in the market: a scalable medical form processing solution that could help them to double their capacity without compromising on speed and accuracy. By replacing in-house team with CloudFactory, SureHire reduced their processing cycle from 4 days to 3 hours and lowered cost per test result by 70%.

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