A better way to capture and extract valuable data from your content.
The flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional BPO.

In a word, CloudFactory is data entry optimized.

-Kyle Powell, CEO / Surehire

cloudfactory at a glance

The workforce, solutions and technology you need to transform the way you process data.

Our Solutions
Getting actionable, searchable and useable data has never been easier

and more cost-effective.

Dedicated Workforce
We hand pick amazing people that meet face-to-face every week in teams to learn and talk about how to wow you. This is not a faceless, casual and unaccountable crowd. We are real people that take pride in our work.
Advanced Technology
Achieve breakthrough effiencies in your workflows with our task-based technology platform. Our patent-pending technology splits work into small tasks and matches each one to the right worker.
The CloudFactory Story

A Canadian computer scientist travels to Kathmandu, Nepal for a two week holiday. He meets an incredibly talented group of developers and together build a new type of "factory" in the cloud where software and humans work together seamlessly to process millions of enterprise data points for businesses in real-time. Their solution strikes a cord as it transforms the way people think about data and work. Along the way they acquired a Google Ventures backed start-up with some complementary technology and now, four years later, Cloudfactory has over 120 full-time employees with a global workforce spanning two continents. Read More »