Return to innovation with a bundled workforce + tech platform

Workforce Plus makes the process of outsourcing annotation simple by bundling an annotation workforce and tool together.

  • Scale Fast. Our experienced workforce is pre-trained in annotation tools and ready to annotate your data today.
  • Reduce hassle. We'll directly manage the workforce and tech stack, so you don't have to.
  • Simplify purchasing. Predictable pricing helps you plan and allocate your budget more effectively.
Return to innovation with a bundled workforce + tech platform

Simplify Data Annotation for Vision AI

Workforce Plus provides the workforce + tech you need to outsource quality data annotation at scale so you can focus on innovating.

Professionally Managed Workforce

Vetted data analysts receive pre-training on leading data annotation tools and task types. Dedicated project management and client success teams ensure a hassle-free experience for you. Our workforce management platform offers dynamic scheduling and performance management so you can meet your goals.

Professionally Managed Workforce

Comprehensive Annotation Tools

You can expect pixel-level accuracy at scale for image, video, sensor, text, or audio data annotation, resulting in a faster path to quality. You'll also have the flexibility to design your ontology and instructions tailored to your use case. 

Comprehensive Annotation Tools

Automated, AI-powered Labeling

Advanced AI-driven capabilities and automated processes expedite the labeling process and pre-label data for verification. Our innovative approach significantly boosts the overall productivity and efficiency of our dedicated annotation team.

Powerful Data Management

Streamlined data sets and directory structures enhance project workflows, while a standardized data label system ensures consistent tool and attribute usage by data labelers. You can also secure your data with AWS S3 and Google Cloud, enabling querying and annotation directly without uploading to the labeling tool.

Enterprise-grade Data Operations

We ensure data privacy and security with custom authentication, role permission enforcement, and full data encryption. Robust processes and tools are designed for high performance and uptime, making us ideal for your large-scale data labeling projects.

Efficient Workflow Management

We minimize project management overhead through optimized processes and technology. Faster annotations and cost savings are achieved through efficient task assignment and routing. You can also route edge cases to your internal team for review and quality assurance.

Why Choose CloudFactory?

Accelerate and Scale

Accelerate and Scale

Bring AI solutions to market faster, gain a competitive edge, and scale for production needs and operations.

Expertise and Service

Expertise and Service

Tap into the experience and industry training of our managed workforce developed over 25M hours of data work.

Reduce Hassle

Reduce Hassle

Remove project complexities by having us manage the workforce and tech platform so you don't have to.

Quality and Speed

Quality and Speed

Accelerate your project without compromising quality with industry-leading technology and a managed workforce.

Innovation and Focus

Innovation and Focus

Empower your internal teams to focus on innovation by leaving the complex data preparation and annotations to us.

Insight and Action

Insight and Action

Deliver actionable insights that maximize outputs through collaboration and built-in feedback loops.

CloudFactory stands out among data labeling companies.

Joe Morrison

Joe Morrison

Imagery Analysis, Azavea


Farming for the Future

Learn how CloudFactory helped Hummingbird Technologies develop crop analytics for farmers around the world.

Luminar Takes AV to Safer Distances

CloudFactory helped Luminar launch a product that dramatically increases autonomous vehicle perception.

Improving AI Model Results and Accuracy

Sensor-as-a-service start-up finally finds an annotation solution that can help them expand.

Vision AI Use Cases

Autonomous Vehicles

The autonomous vehicle market continues to grow. From self-driving cars to delivery drones, AI companies are finding ways to make this method of transportation safe and reliable.

Medical Diagnosis

AI is transforming healthcare by alerting healthcare professionals to patient risks, helping them diagnose conditions earlier and begin treatments faster.

Autonomous Checkout

Our data labeling workforce trains and sustains AI models that power cashierless checkout and grab-and-go technology.

Robotic Automation

The combination of AI and robotics can improve outcomes and lower costs in a variety of industries, including healthcare, agriculture, and manufacturing.

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