What We Offer For Machine Learning

The CloudFactory train.CV WorkStream

The quality and expertise to match any computer vision use case.


Our computer vision CloudWorkers are skilled at a wide array of use cases from bounding boxes and semantic segmentation to 3D point cloud and sensor fusion systems. We apply best practices developed from annotating millions of images and videos to deliver best in class computer vision projects for AI leaders around the world.

  • Our CloudWorkers have worked on all the leading tool platforms giving you the flexibility to choose from best of breed tools - or to bring your own.
  • Easily communicate new uses cases and quickly change requirements through open collaboration and feedback loops with our responsive team leads.
  • Vetted for skill and character, our CloudWorkers take pride in their work, which adds to their motivation to get it right the first time.

The CloudFactory train.NLP WorkStream

The key to unlocking new products and features.


Our natural language processing CloudWorkers understand the nuance of your business and pick up on the subtleties in language required to accurately tag the text you need to train your natural language based applications. Whether you’re training chat bots, virtual assistants, or doing sentiment analysis we provide the high quality data that you need to make your models more accurate.

  • Our CloudWorkers combine business context with their native understanding of language, syntax, and structure to accurately parse and tag text according to your specifications.
  • Our team leads are easy to work with and responsive, keeping you in sync with your team for rapid iteration.
  • Our proven methodology and efficient processes ensure your NLP project ramps up and scales quickly.



WorkStream Essentials

Context matters. Unlike crowdsourced solutions, our teams work with you to understand the backdrop of your business and the nuances of your project. Our CloudWorkers are vetted for both skill and character, receiving growth and training opportunities that naturally result in high-quality work.

Each WorkStream is driven by a proven methodology focused on scaling your data processing needs with tight quality controls for maximum task precision. Our process, including daily sprints, paired learning, and iterative feedback loops, supports rapid time to market which means faster time to value for you.

Our proprietary platform is an integral part of every WorkStream, reducing the friction of working with an external team and provides visibility to every step of the process. Our technology powers your project with enhanced team workspaces, real-time quality visualization, and seamless collaboration tools.

Add Ons

You can customize your WorkStream with the following capabilities

Secured Facilities

We can meet a variety of security needs from simply bringing your team into a CloudFactory managed facility to adding heightened data security. Our Shield service ensures that your work is delivered from a CloudFactory managed facility. Shield Plus includes secure devices, software, and IT protocols, along with dedicated working spaces with enhanced physical security in effect 24x7x365 for your most sensitive data.

Premium Workstation

We ensure that our CloudWorkers have a workstation to support the most common data tasks. For WorkStreams that require higher bandwidth, compute or displays, we can ensure that they have access to a premium technology package.


At CloudFactory, we are tool agnostic. That means you can provide your own web-based tooling, free of charge, or have your CloudWorkers use the cloud-based or on-premise tools of your choosing. That includes our best-in-class microtasking platform, which combines task atomization and smart automation to scale high-volume, repetitive workflows.