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Adaptable, agile teams do the work like you would, if you had the time

You dream big and there is no limit to your ambition. But there are only 24 hours in a day, and you probably have a team that is already stretched. Our professionally managed workforce can help you accurately and quickly process the high-volume, routine tasks and time-sensitive data that powers your business. 

While it might not be glamorous work, you know it needs to get done, and we think the details matter. CloudFactory will give you the confidence needed to know that your operational data work is done right, on time, and on budget, so you can focus on managing and growing your business.

  • Focus on what matters while our team gives your important but time-consuming tasks the same attention to detail that you would if you had the time.
  • We work through your data quickly, providing the highest levels of predictability and control over when your data is available.
  • Communication with your dedicated project manager ensures new use cases and guidelines are added quickly and efficiently to support the achievement of your goals.

Data Processing Managed Workforce

Outsmart outsourcing with one of our packages for data processing services, matching the strengths of our workforce with your primary project goal.

The most cost-effective solution for high-volume, repetitive tasks.

Our data analysts have the patience and consistency to perform repetitive tasks with precision. Best for data that is not deadline-driven, we work through your backlog of data or tasks efficiently.



The highest level of control for the most time-sensitive work.

We enable our teams with the training and technology required to accurately process the most time-sensitive work that powers your core business. Best for data that is very time sensitive, this option ensures your data is available when you need it.



The support you need to stay on top of rapidly changing business needs.

We assign data analysts who possess the highest level of skill and agility to accurately process routine work that changes as quickly as your business. Best for data with moderate time sensitivity, this option gives you predictability and control over when your data will be available.



Data Processing Expertise

Over the past decade, we have gathered deep insights on how tasks such as data entry, data transcription, and enrichment can enhance critical business operations. We know operational excellence and business growth can only be achieved with the most accurate data processing.

Data Entry

Data Entry

  • Database entry
  • Data cleansing
  • Document digitization
  • Error correction


  • Data classification
  • Data mapping
  • Web research
  • Website migration


  • Data Analysis
  • Auditing and verification
  • Quality control and exception handling
  • Customer support


  • Document transcription
  • Image to text
  • PDF extraction
  • Data reformatting

What Our Clients Have To Say

The CloudFactory team flexed up, and we sailed through our busiest time of the year without breaking a sweat.
Zev Barsky
Zev Barsky
VP of Operations
Bizly Discovers the Benefits of a Managed Workforce
Software | Data Enrichment

Bizly Discovers the Benefits of a Managed Workforce

Bizly found the perfect workforce to help it expand its event planning platform to over 18,000 venues.

Helping an Insurer Compete and Grow
Insurance | Document Transcription

Helping an Insurer Compete and Grow

An insurance company expanded their business with the help of a dedicated cloud team that handles upfront data processing needs.

Streamlining the Customer Experience
Finance | Document Transcription

Streamlining the Customer Experience

Financial services company leveraged a managed workforce to improve turnaround time from days to just minutes with 99% accuracy. 

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Data Processing Services Use Cases

Process Optimization

Savvy businesses are realizing they can’t rely on internal resources alone to complete repetitive, yet mission-critical, tasks. They are using a managed workforce to achieve greater efficiency in their business processes.

Customer Service Support

Customers expect timely support and responses from the brands they use, which often requires the action of real people.

Lead Enrichment

Accurate contact information is central to the success of sales and marketing teams, but it takes both time and effort to track down the most up-to-date information.

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