Capture the subtleties of language for your NLP use case

Machine learning models are advancing in their ability to read and understand text and audio but still struggle to understand the complexities of language. Our experienced data analyst teams understand the nuance of your business and the subtleties in language required to accurately tag the text you need to train your NLP applications. Whether you’re training a chatbot, legal contract review application, or financial analysis algorithm, we provide the high-quality data you need to make the models powering your analytical or speech-based applications more accurate.

NLP Managed Workforce

Our data analysts combine your business context with their understanding of language, syntax, and sentence structure to accurately parse and tag text according to your specifications. We can extract meaning from raw audio and text data to advance your NLP project.

NLP Managed Workforce

Natural Language Processing Expertise

From information extraction to sentiment analysis, we can help you unlock the hidden insights contained within written text and verbal language, powering your NLP algorithms and machine learning models.

Content Enrichment

Deriving and determining structure from text to enhance and augment the data.

Content Enrichment


Data Cleansing

Establishing clarity on features of interest in the text by eliminating noise (distracting text) from the data to be analyzed.

Data Cleansing


Taxonomy Creation

Creating a hierarchical structure of relationships among concepts in text and specifying the terms to be used to refer to each.

Taxonomy Creation


Aspect Mining

Identifying aspects of language present in the text, such as part-of-speech tagging.

Aspect Mining



Placing text into organized groups and labeling it, based on features of interest.

Also called text classification and text tagging.

Man on clear board organizing shapes into groups and labeling them based on features of interest. Analogous to the categorization of NLP data.


Intent Recognition

Identifying words that signal a user’s intent, often used to determine actions to take based on users’ responses.

Also known as intent detection and intent classification.



Syntax Analysis

Analyzing a string of symbols in text, conforming to the rules of a formal grammar.


Also known as syntactic analysis.

Image of a chalkboard with tables broken out for syntax analysis, display the English language future and present tense for the verb to be. Syntax analysis is one of the expertise included in CloudFactory's Natural Language Processing services.


Topic Analysis

Extracting meaning from text by identifying recurrent themes or topics.


Also known as topic labeling.

Photo of a business review newspaper where topic analysis NLP technique has been applied to highlight recurrent themes in the text, in this case, those related to economic recovery.


Entity Recognition

Identifying text that represents specific entities, such as people, places, or organizations.


Also known as named entity recognition, entity chunking, and entity extraction.

Entity Recognition


Semantic Analysis

Analyzing the context and text structure to accurately distinguish the meaning of words that have more than one definition. Also called context analysis.

Semantic Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Extracting meaning from text to determine its emotion or sentiment. Also called opinion mining.

Sentiment Analysis

Text Summarization

Creating a brief description that includes the most important and relevant information contained in the text.

Text Summarization


What Our Clients Have To Say

I have a partner that I can go to for scaling up my labeling efforts. I can churn out new models because I can get the data prepared quickly.
Srivatsan Laxman
Founder and CEO, True Lark
True Lark Scales Chatbot Enhancements
Autonomous System | Text Annotation

True Lark Scales Chatbot Enhancements

True Lark turned to CloudFactory to help them scale data tagging for development of a robust customer communication solution.

Managed Workforce Helps Legal AI
Legal Services | Text Annotation

Managed Workforce Helps Legal AI

Heretik wanted to make legal contract review less tedious so they created an AI-fueled solution. Learn how CloudFactory helped bring their software to life.

Disrupting the Legal Space with AI
Legal Services | Text Annotation

Disrupting the Legal Space with AI

Learn how CloudFactory helped Heretik train their AI models and disrupt the legal industry by streamlining the contract review process.

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Natural Language Processing Use Cases

Sentiment Analysis

Turn online information into actionable insights with machine learning, gaining a deeper understanding of brand reputation, product reviews, article intent, and more.

Remote Learning

The age of remote learning is here, and with it comes the need for technology that can support robust online or hybrid education experiences.

Customer Service Automation

Chatbots and virtual assistants aren’t new, but they are often limited in the kinds of questions they can answer and tasks they can manage.

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