Optimized BPaaS Solutions

For High Volume Data-Intensive Work

Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) powered by the perfect mix of human and machine intelligence
to help companies unlock value trapped inside unstructured content and 
turn them into searchable, usable and actionable data. 

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Configurable Production Lines Ready To Be Tuned For Your Work.


productionline-papertext  PaperText

Capture valuable data from unstructured and semi-structured documents such as receipts, invoices, medical forms, historical records and other vital records, and eliminate the costly process steps of manual data entry. Learn more


productionline-speakertext  SpeakerText

Convert your audios, videos, podcasts, conference, earning calls and other speech-based files into text and interactive transcripts to produce better search results, user experience and deeper data analysis. Learn more



productionline-imagedata  ImageData

Capture data from images and photos in millions using CloudFactory's ImageData Production Line, and add the required human element for reliable character recognition and validation. Learn more


productionline-webdata  WebData

Gather and refresh data such as emails addresses, business contact infos, prices, stocks, real estate, research, inventory and more from the web, at scale. 

Why CloudFactory?

A Powerful Technology Built for Speed and Accuracy.

Our production line approach breaks work into microtasks, automates as much as possible using software robots and then distributes the remainder to our 24/7 online workforce. Workers are equipped with custom tools to greatly increase efficiency and accuracy. Our data science and machine learning algorithms are constantly monitoring every task for automated quality assurance while also maintaining real-time reputation scores for each worker. The whole thing is API-driven to ensure the fastest results. With CloudFactory, there's no compromise between speed and accuracy. You just get better data. Faster.

Complete Visibility and Control.

Tired of throwing work over the fence to a partner and hoping it comes back on time and done accurately? CloudFactory's reporting capabilities are second to none thanks to our cloud work platform managing every step of the process. Operations and product teams can tell down to the minute via real-time dashboards what has been processed and what is yet to be completed, including accuracy of data, time-taken to complete tasks, worker efficiency and more. The result is your ability to see exactly what is going on and make valuable business decisions accordingly.

Smart People in Smart Places.

It's more than just tech -- our award winning, team-based workforce model is a key ingredient in delivering amazing results. We love our cloud workers and know that you will too. Traditional BPO deliver centers are in urban India, Philippines, China, etc but our technology platform and workforce model allow us to thrive in Tier 2 and 3 locations such and Nepal and Kenya. Here we can hire the best and the brightest with new levels of cost savings. By hiring you smart people in smart places we get talented, dedicated and loyal professionals who take ownership over getting you great results one task at a time.

Industry Leading Scale and Security.

Processing over 1 million tasks every day and billions of datapoints over the last two years, we have learned a lot about delivering high touch data services, at scale. We use bank grade encryption and our powerful paper-shredder-like technology has built-in security by removing the context from each task. Also unlike faceless crowdsourcing approaches, CloudFactory knows and meets face to face regularly with each of our workers. This makes it easy to do non-disclosure agreements or even quickly assemble a private workforce to do very confidential work.