Human Assisted Technology Solutions

For High Volume Data-Intensive Work

Our solutions are powered by the perfect mix of human and machine intelligence
to help companies unlock value trapped inside unstructured content and
turn them into searchable, usable and actionable data.

Unstructured Content
searchable, usable and actionable data

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Configurable Production Lines Ready To Be Tuned For Your Work.

PaperText Production Line

PaperText™  PaperText™

Capture valuable data from unstructured and semi-structured documents such as receipts, invoices, medical forms, historical records and other vital records, and eliminate the costly process steps of manual data entry. Learn more

SpeakerText Production Line

SpeakerText  SpeakerText™

Convert your audios, videos, podcasts, conferences, earning calls and other speech-based files into text and interactive transcripts to produce better search results, user experience and deeper data analysis. Learn more


ImageData Production Lines

ImageData  ImageData™

Capture data from images and photos in millions using CloudFactory's ImageData Production Line. Add the required human element for training your algorithms to process them better. Learn more

WebData Production Lines

WebData  WebData™

Gather and refresh data such as emails, addresses, business contact info, prices, stocks, real estate, research, inventory and more from the web, at scale. Learn more

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