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From image annotation and sentiment analysis for machine learning to document transcription and complex data moderation, our expertise in digital work spans a wide array of use cases.

Our Expertise

We have significant applied knowledge within the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning domain, and have gained deep insights into how data transcription and enrichment enhances critical business operations. We know true innovation and growth can only be achieved with the most accurate, superior data work possible.

Use Cases

Core Data

Image Annotation
Data labeling
Document Transcription
Sentiment Analysis
Geospatial Imagery

Popular Use Cases

Count on our expert cloud teams to annotate images across a wide array of use cases — from bounding boxes and semantic segmentation to 3D point cloud and sensor fusion systems — for machine learning at scale.

Annotating and tagging millions of documents and images requires ultra-precise data labeling. Our managed workforce model provides an agile and scalable approach to data labeling that elevates accuracy, consistency and speed for higher quality training data.

Save time and money by efficiently and accurately transcribing detail and leveraging optical character recognition from a host of documents as well as image, video, and audio recordings so core business processes can be executed rapidly. Additionally, datasets can be leveraged to gain key insights and metrics for more actionable, real-time reporting, allowing you to focus your valuable time elsewhere.

Accurate sentiment analysis requires context and continuity that can only be gained by transferring domain knowledge to a managed team. Leveraging a dedicated workforce to structure your data based on distinguishable opinions and emotions ensures consistency and a more powerful application across a number of audiences.

Our cloud workforce makes it easy to offload data prep for geospatial algorithms by accurately annotating satellite images and UAV photography, preparing datasets for geoprocessing, and annotating 3D point cloud for geospatial solutions.

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