Continuing Business Operations in a Pandemic

Best Practices for Adaptive Outsourcing

Continuing Business Operations in a Pandemic

Tips for Planning Your Adaptive Outsourcing Strategy

COVID-19 is making it harder for organizations to maintain business operations, as nations around the world keep their citizens at home. CloudFactory has been securely delivering work remotely for hundreds of clients for nearly a decade. We've created this guide full of best practices to help companies evaluate their need for, and quality of, an adaptive outsourcing partner.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • What is an adaptive workforce and why is it important
  • What you should expect from outsourced data processing providers during the pandemic
  • Tips for evaluating an outsourcing provider’s ability to continue business operations when conditions change
  • How CloudFactory provides continuous, quality data processing for clients across the globe with a 100% remote workforce

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