Outsourcing for Platform Growth

Change the dynamics of your platform business with advanced data enrichment and annotation services. As an extension of your team, CloudFactory can help optimize your raw data for user acquisition, database enhancement, and data preparation for automation. Improve user experience, get more value out of your data, and grow your platform with help from CloudFactory.

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How CloudFactory can help your platform business grow

Attract More Users

Attract More Users

Platform growth relies on the high-value producers and consumers who use it. Let our experienced teams help you find and recruit your ideal user base.

Manage Your Data

Manage Your Data

Databases of information that platforms rely on to attract users are time consuming to create and labor intensive to keep up-to-date. Let CloudFactory do the heavy lifting so you can focus on business growth.

Introduce New Features

Introduce New Features

With dedicated teams that can be cross-trained to support core business operations and annotation tasks, you can develop new platform features without skipping a beat on customer experience.

Our Experience

We’ve helped a variety of platform businesses grow their user base, manage their data, and grow their product offering.

Bizly Expands Its Database Industry: Software

Bizly Expands Its Database

Bizly found the perfect workforce to help it expand its event planning platform to over 18,000 venues.

Ibotta Scales User Experience Industry: E-Commerce

Ibotta Scales User Experience

Ibotta finds the people and technology to scale a data-verification process during their busiest season of the year.

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